10 GPH High Flow Rate 12 Volt Portable 155 Watts Diesel Oil Pump


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10 GPH High Flow Rate 12 Volt Portable 155 Watts Diesel Oil Pump. Easily and safely move diesel oil from one tank to another with the Black Bull 12 Volt Portable Diesel Oil Pump. Powered by a vehicle battery, the Diesel Pump can move 10.5 gallons per minute, and a powerful 155 watt motor can pump Diesel Oil up to 16.4 feet. High capacity flow rate creates a steady flow for transferring diesel oil, biodiesel, or kerosene in the field. Empty storage containers and fill the fuel tanks of farming machinery, vehicles, and tools at the job-site. An arrow indicates the direction of the fuel transfer on the pump. The self-priming pump features a cast iron head and thermal overload protection to prevent overheating and extend the life of the motor. Use car battery to power for fuel pumping 5 ft. electric cable with battery clips Self-priming pump with cast iron head Intake screen keeps debris out of the pump line 4500 RPM no-load speed, 3500 RPM speed range High flow rate with 3 bar pressure Max flow rate of 10.5 gallons/minutes (40 liters) 3/4 in. inlet/outlet diameter 16.4 ft. suction, 32.8 ft. lift head 30 minute duty cycle with normal usage Mountable base for stability On/off switch, smart trigger, and auto-shut off function Thermal protection prevents overheating 12V rated voltage, 13A rated current, 155 watts rated power, single stage motor Overall size 8 L x 6 W x 6.5 H inches, 6.6 lbs. Includes diesel pump, 2 brass adapters, 1 gasket filter Use with diesel oil, biodiesel, or kerosene only, not for use with gasoline, solvents or water