2X24 inch Side LED Shine Strip White (1931 – Aston Martin – 4C Spider)


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2X24 inch Side LED Shine Strip White (1931 – Aston Martin – 4C Spider). Description: Brand New flexible, waterproof and slim 36-SMD LED Side Shine 24″ strip lights Sold in pair, price is for 4PCS White Lights. These LED strip lights are great for lighting up your car exterior and interior. Our SMD LED is very high quality and produces super bright light output. The Strip is slim and very flexible, It can be bent to any shape to fit any car. The back of each LED strip has 3M self-adhesive tape. It can be cut every 3 LED lights off for your custom fit. Low temperature, low power consumption lasts up to 50k hours. Immediate response on/off and vibration resistant. Installation is simple, Just connect + and – wires to any 12v power sources Such as your parking lights of your headlight housing. Exactly the same as the picture shown. Quality guaranteed! Installation You will need to connect the two wires (+ and -) to your 12v power source. If you would like to turn the lights on/off according to your door opens/closes, you will need to locate and connect to the correct wires for dome/map lights, courtesy lights or door pin switch nearby the fuse box under the dash. Another option is putting on your own switch so you can manually turn the lights on/off. There are many different varieties in installing these LED strip lights! Package including: 4 x 60cm 36SMD SIDE SHINE LED STRIP