3pcs Black NBR70 Rubber O-Ring Washer Sealing Gasket for Car 25 x 2mm




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3pcs Black NBR70 Rubber O-Ring Washer Sealing Gasket for Car 25 x 2mm. Product Name: Car O-Ring Seal Gasket; Material: NBR70; Package Content: 3 x Car O-Ring Seal Gasket; Shell Color: Black; Inner Diameter: 25mm / 0.98″ Wire Diameter: 2mm / 0.08″; Standard: JIS; Oil Resistance Change for ASTM#1(Elongation Rate): -21%(Test Condition:100 Celsius,70 Hours); Oil Resistance Change for ASTM#3(Hardness): -1(Test Condition:100 Celsius,70 Hours) Oil Resistance Change for ASTM#3(Elongation Rate): -18%(Test Condition:100 Celsius,70 Hours); Oil Resistance Change for ASTM#3(Tensile Strength): 5%(Test Condition:100 Celsius,70 Hours); Brittle Temperature: -40 Celsius; Tolerance Standard(Inner Diameter): +/-0.22mm Tolerance Standard(Wire Diameter): +/-0.07mm; Hardness(Shore A): 70; Tensile Strength(Mpa): 18.5; Elongation Rate: 350% Hot Air Aging (Permanent Compression,Deformation): 13%(Test Condition:100 Celsius,70 Hours); Hot Air Aging(Hardness Change ): +2 Degrees(Test Condition:100 Celsius,70 Hours); Oil Resistance Change for ASTM#1(Hardness): +8(Test Condition:100 Celsius,70 Hours); Oil Resistance Change for ASTM#1(Tensile Strength): 8%(Test Condition:100 Celsius,70 Hours) Used to prevent leaks while working with plumbing,hydraulics,air and gas connections. Rubber construction resists oil,gas,water and alcohol solvents,durable. Suitable for car engine system,transmission,shock absorber etc. Easy to store,light weight. Storage Condition: Materials should be stored at a temperature of 0 to 28 degree centigrade,relative humidity of not more than 80%, dust-free and properly ventilated environment,at least 1 meter away from the heat source. Materials are not allowed to come into contact with acids,alkalis,oils and various solvents during storage to avoid exposure to sunlight,arc light,ultraviolet light and other radiation. Installation: Use tools without sharp edges. Ensure that the O-ring is not twisted,and do not stretch the O-ring excessively. Try to use an auxiliary tool to install O-ring,and ensure correct positioning. For bonding with a sealing strip,the O-ring must not be stretched at the joint. When the O-ring is stretched,the mounting mandrel must be used when passing screws, splines, keyways, etc.The mandrel can be made of soft,smooth metal or plastic without glitch or sharp edges. When installing the compression screws,tighten the screws symmetrically and do not tighten them in the direction. Some Tips Before Installation(Please Check): Whether the angle is machined according to the drawing.Whether the sharp edge is chamfered or rounded. Whether the inner diameter removes the glitch surface or not. Whether the seals and parts have been greased or lubricated. Package Include: 3 x Car O-Ring Seal Gasket While we aim to supply accurate product information, it is sourced by manufacturers, suppliers and marketplace sellers, and has not been provided by Overstock.