415 Pcs 18 Type Plastic Car Rivets Push Pin Moulding Clip Fastener for Ford


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415 Pcs 18 Type Plastic Car Rivets Push Pin Moulding Clip Fastener for Ford. Durable nylon plastic rivet fasteners; 415pcs in total; 18 different sizes 4.7 mm to 9.5 mm hole size black nylon Organized in one box – full listings of pieces, sizes and quantity Great for Door Trim, Car Fender, Bumper, Side Skirt, Radiator Shield, Splash Shield Retainers 18 Type plastic rivets for your choice They can be used on buses, trains, planes, truck, caravans and cars Rivet post pressure expands legs for fast and permanent fastening Cars good accessory, used by many manufacturers to hold all pieces of trim and upholstery including carpet, door cards, roof lining, engine covers, landing panels, boot linings, wheel arch linings etc. Fit for Ford Size Chart ; Quantity—Fit Hole Size—–Head Diameter—Stem Length Type1—25pcs—7.9mm/0.31inch—-18mm/0.71inch—20mm/0.79inch Type2—15pcs—7.9mm/0.31inch—-120mm/0.79inch—19.3mm/ 0.76inch Type3—40pcs—7mm/0.28inch—-5 x 15.1mm/0.2 x 0.59inch—14.5mm/0.57inch Type4—30pcs—8mm/0.31inch—-8mm/0.31inch—-9mm/0.35inch Type5—15pcs—8mm/0.31inch—-19.2mm/0.76inch—19.2mm/0.76inch Type6—10pcs—7.9mm/0.31inch—-24mm/0.94inch—24.1mm/0.95inch Type7—35pcs—4.7mm/0.19inch—-7mm/0.28inch—12.1mm/ 0.48inch Type8—35pcs–5mm/0.2inch—-11.2mm/0.44inch—-12.3mm/0.48inch Type9—10pcs–9.5mm/0.37inch—23mm/0.91inch—-17.5mm/0.69inch Type10–20pcs—8mm/0.31inch—-18mm/0.71inch—-18mm/0.71inch Type11–35pcs—5.1mm/0.2inch—- 11.2mm/0.44inch—-15.7mm/0.62inch Type12–15pcs—6.3mm/0.25inch—-19mm/0.75inch—-17.5mm/0.69inch Type13–30pcs—6mm/0.23inch—-20mm/0.79inch—9mm/0.35inch Type14—20pcs—6.3mm/0.25inch—-17.8mm/0.7inch—17.5mm/0.69inch Type15—20pcs—6.3mm/0.25inch—-15.8mm/0.62inch—13.5mm/0.53inch Type16—15pcs—6.3mm/0.25inch—-18mm/0.71inch—18mm/0.71inch Type17—30pcs—6mm/0.23inch—-14mm/0.55inch—10mm/0.39inch Type18—15pcs—8mm/0.31inch—-18mm/0.71inch—18mm/0.71inch While we aim to supply accurate product information, it is sourced by manufacturers, suppliers and marketplace sellers, and has not been provided by Overstock.