Car Seat Headrest Rear Hanger Hooks with Bottle (Universal)


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Car Seat Headrest Rear Hanger Hooks with Bottle (Universal). Description: CAR ORGANIZER Smooth and sturdy car seat hook This bag has sturdy multi-purpose car seat headrest hooks. This Headrest hook has a special half-open design, allows you to install these hooks easily, no need to take off the headrests, also can be hidden when not use. With these car hooks, don’t hang your jacket or dress on the rear window and block your rearview mirror. General packages are in the upper hook part. You can quickly hang up. This alone eliminates the concern of rolling loads. It is convenient when putting out the contents of the bag from the driver’s seat if you remove only one side of the baggage possession. As the adjuster is attached, it is also a point that you can adjust the length freely by the package. You can use it not only on the front of the seat but also by turning it all the way around. Very easy to install or remove. STURDY AND LONG-LASTING With this car seat hook you are allowed to sit on a bigger place with no sense of crowding, hang storage bags upon it, and relax your hands. Keep all stuff organized, and no rolling or shaking. Whatever you are a driver or a passenger, you can use them as your sidekick, help you out anytime and make a comfortable trip. Seat headrest hooks are easy to install, side open design, no need to disassemble the head, so they can be used on the front or rear of the seat or under the headrest when not in use when you don’t need or replace another car It is also easy to remove and change to another car. Features: Powder-coated steel Helpful car storage solutions Easy to attach and simple to use High-quality material made, flexible Allows you to install these hooks easily