DII Kids Car Seat Protector (Black)


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DII Kids Car Seat Protector (Black). Keep your car protected, tidy & clean with this quality car seat protector which doubles as an organizer. Won’t slip or slide: Adjustable buckle strap secures cover to headrest, or can be folded down for rear facing car seats (if desired). Anti slip dots on underside add extra grip to keep mat in place. Tab in the back adds an additional option to secure in place by slipping in between corner bend/crack of seat or folded under for extra padding thickness. Padded and waterproof to protect your seat from car seat scratches, dings, dents and damages, as well as dirt or snacks that may fall from your little one’s little hands. Perfect for holding diapers, pacifiers, sippy cups, toys & stuffed animals, small books & games, sunglasses, you name it! Can also be used as a pet protector. Keep your favorite buddy off your car seat and have ’em sit on the car seat protector instead. Keep their toys, snacks, leash and bowls tucked in the pocket for later.