FH Group Grey Airbag-compatible PU Leather Seat Covers (Full Set) (Grey)


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FH Group Grey Airbag-compatible PU Leather Seat Covers (Full Set) (Grey). Smooth polyurethane covers for front seats, bench seats, and headrests slip snugly over car seats, cushioning your tush as they protect seats from wear and tear caused by spilled sodas and road rage. The universal design accommodates most vehicles with its semicustomized design. Both sections prove easy to install: the two front covers ease into place with Hook and loop tabs, while the rear pieces are made snug with snaps. Color options: Gray Materials: PU Leather Wipe clean Helpful installation videos are available Set includes: 2 front bucket covers, 1 rear bench cover, 1 backrest cover, 5 separate headrest covers Front Seat Covers Side airbag compatible – officially tested – special stitching technique allows airbag to inflate upon impact. It will not block your side airbags from deploying. Slides over front and rear car seats Also helps to hide stains For traditional or heated seats Back of the front seat is made by durable stretchy fabric with opening pocket for storage. Rear Seat Covers Backrest and bottom covers both have three zippers on them to accommodate any split (40/60, 60/40, 40/20/40 and 50/50), an extra set of zippered cloth is included to cover the exposed area when split. Allow you to fold down the cup holder or armrest by unzipping one of the zippers. Help you easily adjust the covers to fit your model. Our bench covers are 52 inches in length, it can be stretched up to 56 inches. By removing the middle pieces, it can be shortened to 40 inches. Buying Tips Due to installation requirement, please ensure all of your headrests can be detached before buying this set.