Inflatable Air Mattress Back Seat – Zone Tech Car Bed

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Inflatable Air Mattress Back Seat – Zone Tech Car Bed. Zone Tech Travel Inflatable Mattress – Premium Quality Car Bed Back Seat Inflatable Air Mattress with 2 Air Pillows ► Keep yourself and your family at Ease and Comfort wherever you go with the Zone Tech Travel Inflatable Mattress. Whenever you stop by rest, let this mattress give the relaxation you need to get ready for your journey. This also can be a good use for hiking, camping, and any outdoor activities. This mattress can be your trusted travel companion, providing everything you need for on-the-go living. ► The Zone Tech inflatable mattress is made from Premium Quality washable soft PVC flocking material to ensure maximum Strength, Durability and Comfort for long lasting usage. It is certied environment friendly, and Hygenic . The mattress features Double Valve which makes it Leakproof . This also makes inflating and deflating the pillow quick adnd easy. The mattress also comes with 2 pillows to complete the relaxation you need. ► The Zone Tech infalatable is easy to use and can be set up in minutes. Simply blow the mattress with the electric air pump till its inflated to use and deflate it. The package comes with a pouch so you can carry and store it easily with you. Zone Tech Brand is known worldwide with superior product quality and service!