Soft Full Car Cover Waterproof Sun UV Resist Protection (Silver)


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Soft Full Car Cover Waterproof Sun UV Resist Protection (Silver). Color: Silver Tone; Size: YL; Product Name: Car Cover Material: Fleece Lining, PEVA, Soft Aluminum; Package Content: 1 x Car Cover, 1 x 1 x Free Storage Bag; Placement on Vehicle: Front,Rear,Left,Right Dimension: 4.85 x 1.8 x 1.85M/ 5 x 6 x 6.1ft(L*W*T); Feature 1: Waterpoof Material; Feature 2: Breathable (Keep cool temperature inside) Feature 3: Fleece Lining to Protect Paint Safe Feature 4: Heat Resistant; Feature 5: UV Protection, Dustpoof, Stormproof , Snowpoof Feature 6: Come with a free storage bag, convenient to carry; Feature 8: Elastic hems make the cover fit your car tightly and perfectly; Feature 7: Grid Pattern 1. 100% Brand New and Unused 2. 100% Waterproof and All Weather Protection -Suitable for use in all weather environments wherever you are located. 3. 100% UV And Heat Protection -A Chemical free UV protective layer prevents UV rays from damaging your vehicles exterior and interior, while minimizing the interior temperature of vehicle. 4. 100% Breathable -The cover is 100% breathable and allow heats, moisture, and condensation to escape. 5. 100% Snowproof -The seams are 100% sealed shut to protect against snow and acid rain. 6. 100% Protection Against Basic Dust -The single middle layer acts as a filtration barrier against basic every day dust. 7. 100% Protection From Natural Hazard -Fully protects from any types elements such as , tree sap, toxic, industrial and etc. 8. Come with a FREE Storage Bag, convient to carry. Features : Dimension: 4.85 x 1.8 x 1.85M/ 5 x 6 x 6.1ft(L*W*T) Materials:Outside: Soft Aluminum, Center layer:PE, Inside: Soft Fleece Lining Where to use:Outdoor (Street parking as well) Indoor. The paint-pampering fabric is non-abrasive, so you finish stays slick and glossy. The snug fit and generous cut even keeps your wheels coverd and clean. Very Soft Fleece Undeerlining Will Protect Your Car Paint. Elastic hems design make sure the cover fit your car tightly and perfectly. Package Content : 1 x Car Cover 1 x FREE Storage Bag